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Andy’s C.A.D Series Buzzbaits


“New” Andys C.A.D Series Buzzbaits


“New” Andys C.A.D Series Buzzbaits.
A totally custom buzzbaits that includes an oxbow design, powder coated head, hand tied with Andy”s old school flat cut rubber and silicone skirts, made with Eagle Claw hooks. This buzzbaits has a lot more action than silicone skirts alone and with it being hand tied the skirt will not fall off when trying to remove vegetation or stretch and fall off over time.
Price, 6.99

Colors Aelwife, Chartreuse /white / blue, Rainbow trout

Sizes, 3/8 oz , 1/2 oz. , and 1 oz. Magnum bait with giant blade.

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Aelwife, Chartruese/White/Blue, Rainbow Trout


3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz Magnum Bait with Giant Blade


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