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E Series Gospel Jig

Gospel Jig

This new design is what Edwin Evers used to win a Bass Master Elite Tournament on Kentucky Lake.  $12.99 each

E Series Finesse

Edwin Evers Bait Andys E Series Finesse

$5.99 Co-designed with Edwin Evers, Winner 2016 Bass Classic Championship. As requested by our customers we have added 2 new colors for 2018

E Series Mini Flip Jig

2019 MLF on Lake Conroe

$5.99 Co-designed with Edwin Evers, Winner 2019 MLF on Lake.

Andy’s Rubber Skirt Drop Shot Jigs

Green Craw

$3.99 Each

Andy’s Old School Drop Shot Jigs

New for 2018 Available Now

$2.59 – $4.99 Andy’s Old School Drop Shot Jig Available in Synthetics, Rabbit, Bear Fur and Black Fox Leach

Andy’s Swim Jig

New for 2018 Available Now
$5.99 Andy’s Swim Jig –  A hand tied swim jig with tons of action.

C.A.D. Jig

C.A.D. Jig

$5.99 C.A.D.(computer aided designed) jig.

The Nature Jig

The Nature Jig (Show Brown & Orange)

$5.99 This jig is a favorite of Matt Straw of In-Fisherman magazine.

Silver Fox Jig

Silver Fox Jig

$3.49 Great for smallies and largemouths.

Artic Black Fox Jig

Artic Black Fox Jig

$3.69 This jig is tied with Arctic black fox tail fur.

Bear Hair Jig

real bear hair hand tied jig

$3.79 Use from early spring until first ice. All threads are lacquer coated for extra strength.

The Football Jig


Excellent for smallmouth, large mouth and spotted bass.

Baby Craw Jig


The Baby Craw jig is a natural imitation a baby craw fish



E-Series Rattlin’ Finesse Jig


Another version of the jig Edwin Evers used to win the 2016 Bass Masters Classic



It’s Back by popular demand. Hand-tied flat living rubber Old School Spinnerbaits

Andy’s Old School Jig Series

Andy's Old School Terminator Jig
$5.99 Hand tied old school flat living rubber

Andy’s Old School Flippin’ Jig


Andy’s Old School Terminator Jig


Andy’s Old School Flat Cut Rubber

$4.99 to $69.99

E Series Classic Jig Kit

Special $29.99 E Series Classic Jig Kit A selection of the jigs Edwin Evers used to win the 2016 Bass Masters Classic

Largemouth Jig Kit

large mouth jig kit
$45.99 Includes 10 of our best selling living rubber and silicone jigs!

Andy's Amazing Classic Adventures 2017

Andy Vallombroso

Andy Vallombroso is one of the top jig tiers in the United States. Many top professionals use his jigs, including 2016 Champ Edwin Evers. His products have been featured in: Bass Masters TV, in The Fisherman magazine, Bassin’ magazine, Bass Times, and many more. Now you can get Andy’s gear right here, shipped to a fishing hole near you!

About Andy & The Birth of Andy's Custom Bass Lures

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